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Clunking Noise When Changing The Gears



Hi All,

I hear a clunking noise underneath of the my car when iam changing the gears.

The car is Maruti Zen 1998 model.

Since this is my first car and iam not familiar with those stuff, i dont know whether this is a normal thing or a real problem in the car.

Your comments are highly appreciated.



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If you are immediately releasing the clutch upon gear change, a clunk is imminent. Otherwise, are you having trouble shifting into certain gears?

I hear that noise at time of shifting the gears while pressing the clutch all the way down. (not at the time of releasing the clutch).

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Well most manual transmissions make a sound when gears mesh, so its hard to ascertain from your description if what you're experiencing is an actual problem or not.

If you have any knowledgeable friends (they need not be experts, just familiar enough with manual transmissions), ask them to drive your car and get their opinion. I would advice against going to a garage by yourself, since newbies are easy prey.

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If you hear a clunk when shifting into a particular gear while pressing the clutch, it could be because:

1. You are not pressing the clutch all the way down, thus the transmission is still (paritally) connected to a spinning engine.

2. Your clutch requires adjustment. I'm not sure if the Zen comes with a clutch cable, or hydraulic, but if it's the former, you should be able to get the cable adjusted so that the clutch disengages properly when the pedal is fully pressed.

Hope this helps.

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