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Fuse Board Issue - Daihatsu Mira



HI Guys,

Today morning my car (Daihatsu Mira) didnt start since the EFI fuse was not working properly. Therefore I have replaced the EFI fuse with the fuse mentioned as (MGC) (Picture attached). I just want to know the what is this MGC fuse? is it necessary to be there? I had a 30 mins ride but nothing happened. SPASKU74623_02.jpg

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The AC compressor is engaged/disengaged using a magnetic clutch.

This relay/fuse should not be related to your starting problem. So there is no need of replacing it if your AC is working properly.

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On 4/15/2022 at 7:05 PM, Hussain Yousuf said:


my issue is my battery down within 4 days if I will not drive daily bases if I remove backup fuse I will not issue I that case so please suggest if I remove backup fuse permanently what happen in next in long term base.

Hi Hussain, Welcome to the forum!

I'm not sure what you meant by "backup fuse", but permanently removing the fuse is only addressing the symptom and not the actual problem. So I'd advise against doing this.

It sounds like there is parasitic current draw from your battery while the car is switched off. You can easily check this using a multimeter. There are plenty of videos on YouTube that you can follow to learn how to test it yourself. A modern car with an ECU would draw between 50mA - 80mA. Anything more than this is not normal.

If you discover that there is parasitic draw, then the circuit connected to the "backup fuse" is probably the culprit and you need to figure out where the issue is as you say that it stops draining the battery while the fuse it out. If your car has an aftermarket stereo, amplifier, security system etc. installed on this circuit - these are the things I'd recommend that you try disconnecting first as points of investigation.

Good luck!

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