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nissan fb 14 super saloon



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There aren’t any major issues with the engine of this model as Rumesh has said. But; I have seen one or two cars with issues with the distributor (including the one I owned several years back). There’s an oil leaking problem from the distributor which is somewhat common in this model but it can be fixed relatively easily.

Although the engine is somewhat better; you may have to live with several other issues with this model.

you can see my ownership experience of 4 years in this thread.


This model is also famous for weak suspension components such as C.V joints, Shock absorbers etc. So, be ready for some frequent visits to the garage if the suspension system is not in good condition.

And please carefully inspect the car you are going to buy as there are so many FB14’s in the market which are actually lemons covered in candy largely due to severe abuse and poor maintenance.

Also; that mileage of 162,000 seems to be bit low for a car of that age. Better to check for any service records as well.  

By the way; have you evaluated any other alternatives rather than going for a FB14? I’m telling this because with my experience I have noticed that this model does not age well. In other terms; life time of most of the components in this model seems to be low compared to some other models of the same age.   

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We had a company car which was a FB14 a long time ago....the thing wore out pretty fast compared to the E100 Corolla we had. Although the seats were a lot more comfy and cushiony in the FB14 than in the Corolla.

Every single part of the car gave issues..suspension bushes going out, water pump giving issues, unexpected oil leaks, steering components, window switches, you name it...it broke...but the car still ran (except when things like the water pump gave out) and the issues were easily sorted even in the middle of no where. At the beginning we took the car to A*W for repairs but it made no difference so we just started giving to the neighborhood baas.

So yeah....the car car wore out pretty fast and still ran in illness and in health. I guess that is why quite a lot of people liked the FB14. They could have abused it quite a lot and it would still run. Which by itself is the biggest problem in buying one these days. Most of them are used and hacked to death and then quickly fixed up to look bright and shiny.

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21 hours ago, syberspace said:

hi guys, I'm going to buy a nissan fb 14 super saloon car. year 1994,manual, 1500cc, 162000km. 300-xxxx. i want to know there are any engine problems this type of cars?


19 hours ago, LashNeo said:

There aren’t any major issues with the engine of this model as Rumesh has said. But; I have seen one or two cars with issues with the distributor

Oh yes I can attest to that - Dad had one which we used for over a decade the mandatory distributor issue came up other than that it's not a bad car - a  bland one but one that keeps on running forever much like the Jap cars from that era. But beware these are typically abused buy-and-sell cars due to the same reliability. 

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