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EG8 engine conversion or upgrade


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Hi Guys,

I have a Honda car with Single Carb EG8 1995 model. I have few problems with the current engine and would like to enhance/upgrade the ride with conversion or new engine.

Current issues

- Carb is not working upto the mark as some fuel lines are not connected to carb. 

- Engine oil burning. This will happen only during the last 1000kms before the next service. Using Caltex SAE 40 Engine oil. Service period 5000km. Current mileage 261,550 kms
- Its difficult to start if I parked the car 2-3 days without start the engine.(Battery is full charged and auto choke not working)

I'm planning to use this car till 2021. So think about conversion/upgrade would be useful for me.

Thinking about below options, 

1. Repair the current engine and use it.
2. Remove the carb and do a EFI conversion.
3. Replace with Exi engine.(this option to avoid the hassle of EFI convertion)
4. Replace with VTec engine.

Please advice me on above options with the price and the complexity of it. 

Also I would like to know the places/persons who are selling above mentioned type of engines with complete set.

I have gone through the below threads as well.


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What should be the best option from below ??? I'm planning to use the car for next 3 years.

1. Repair the current engine and use it.
2. Remove the carb and do a EFI conversion.
3. Replace with Exi engine.(this option to avoid the hassle of EFI convertion)
4. Replace with VTec engine.

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Chaw all this depends on the budget you’re willing to allocate to this. 

An engine swap is messy. It will take time, you don’t know the condition of the engine you’re buying and then there’s the whole process with the RMV. 

If you have the cash and the patience AND the luck go for a d series efi vtec engine. 

If you’re slightly insane I’ll even say B16. 

But repairing the current engine or doing an efi conversion would be a good option for you if the budget is restrictive. 

Why not first get a proper diagnosis as to what’s the issue. Oil burning most likely is due to engine wear and you might be up for a rebuild if it has run 250,000 without one. That in itself is a costly affair. But at least it won’t cost you as much as a new engine and you would have an excellent reference point to your own car as you’re sure all components are new and has been fixed. 

We cant decide for you. That depends on the above parameters I’ve mentioned. But what we can do is advise you on the pros and cons of each. 

Let me know if you need any further guidance. 

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Thanks for the ideas,

I'm going to choose "repair and use current engine" option. Other options mentioned in above are messy. But I have noticed that finding spares is bit difficult (Ex: fully functioning carburetor). So I'm thinking about purchasing similar engine(this may be stupid idea) and using it spares when ever i need. Simply I have search in FB groups and noticed that similar engine(Honda D15B single carb) will cost around 90K. 

my budget is 150K on this(repair and use current engine). 

Please advise me on this. 


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Your car is 23 years old, and the odometer re clocked as many times,.Therefore

it is acceptable to have a slight reduction in your oil .

no amount of mods' will;  re-grow a worn engine.<_<


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The only way, notwithstanding the diagnosis that you’re gonna get oil burning to stop is to rebuild the engine. By that I mean bore the block, get a set of new pistons etc. 

And with an old engine like that yes oil burning is to be expected.  

Is say get your compression tested. If there is no significant compression loss, you might as well top up oil and putter along. 

How much oil are you losing? As in how often do you top up and how much? 

Whats your fuel economy? 

Hows the eco test? Passed?

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