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Need Few Parts for my Nissan Sunny B310

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I have a family owned Nissan Sunny B310 (1979) which my dad bought brand new (the second picture). I'm in the process of finding the below mentioned parts that are in good condition.

  • Front Grille (Shell)
  • Front Bumper (Buffer)
  • Front Spoiler
  • Rear Bumper
  • Right Side Fender
  • AirConditioning Compressor
  • and minor parts such as the rear door ashtray.

I need them in good condition like in the first picture. If you have any, please buzz me, I'd be grateful.



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Hi Fazal, 

Glad to see a car being owned by one family for 40 years. May I ask what's wrong with the body parts you've listed?

If the bumpers have just a few dents and dings on them, I suggest keep them. You are unlikely to find bumpers in better condition IMO given the age of the car. Same goes for body panels. Unless they are too far gone, your best bet is to try and restore them.

There are places that do electroplating. So you can straighten the bumpers out and have them chrome plated and they'll look brand new. 

Have you tried searching for parts in salvage yards in Panchikawatte? Not even sure they exist anymore, but many years ago there were so many late 70s and 80s cars there brought to be stripped for parts. Also Kurunegala area. The road that goes from Ambepussa to Alawwa has a couple of salvage yards and I remember some of them having parts for cars such as yours. In any case, you will have to do some searching. 

Good luck! 

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Hi Davy,

Yep, it's a sentimental car. I've attached close up picture of the grille and the bumper. It's not worse, but comparing to everything else (the body, the interior and what not), it's pretty eww with dents and dings! (I've also attached a picture taken before a minor accident)

I'm looking for nearly pristine condition parts. You're right, I couldn't find good bumpers so far locally, I've even purchased the oem lights for the bumpers which I've saved to install on a good one. I've done a bit of searching, but couldn't find good ones so far. I should head to Panchikawatta, a friend of my suggested that area as well.

I've no idea bout electroplating, I'm going to look into that as well. Thank you very much for your help, kudos!




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You are not going to find pristine parts for a car of this vintage....if it is in pristine condition it will probably still be on a car that is in pristine condition in its entirety. Your other option is to order in reproduction parts....for a car like this it will be way too much even if you do find a manufacturer who does reproductions.

The bumper can easily be fixed up...as for the grille; you might be able to find one that is in slightly better shape than your's. Either way..if you want it nice and straight...I suggest you take it to a place that does plastic/fiber repairs and get it fixed up...

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