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Cooling system issue - Mitsubishi Rosa 2010

Jason Bourne

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So during a journey a coolant hose blew out - fixed it again with a new hose clamp, same thing happened again. Fixed it again and while filling up the system again with water noticed that the lights are dim. Called a garage. Mechanic advised to fill the radiator and keep the engine raced for a while for the batteries to charge. While racing the engine hose blew out again, strangely, as soon as the hose blew all the lights started working properly again. Managed to reach home with the radiator cap opened. What could be the issue? Head gasket? Alternator? Blocked radiator?

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You got a blocked radiator it seems..and the head gasket must have gone by now. Why the hell is everyone losing a gasket these days? I blew mine last week due to a failed radiator cap & blocked radiator and in the garage, there were 4 or 5 vehicles (from a 2013 Allion to maruti 800s) that were there due to gasket failure. 

Maybe the climate isn't helping the cooling systems work better either.

Like TT mentioned, the alt and all could be checked during the repair. I hope none of the coolant spilled on the alternator though.

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5 hours ago, Jason Bourne said:

So, update: Battery warning light came on and stays so the alternator seems to be defective, could this be the reason for the hose blowing off (due to radiator fan not working properly?)

Can't say for sure without a check. Did you get the light before the hose blowout? Are you sure none of the coolant was spilt on the alternator? I don't know how close the alternator and hoses are in a Rosa.

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Focusing on your main prob,... the vehicle can not be safely driven and should be looked at looked at by a qualified person , preferably after exploratory dismantling of the engine.'s head.And pressure testing of same .

in the mean time send your vehicle's alternator to an electrical specialist and the radiator to a rad shop.for further diagnosis and work,..


P.s.  ADD a pic of the engine bay,.



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