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Dear Admins please remove ppl like this for the goodwill of this forum


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2 hours ago, fiat fan said:

Jesus dude. How many bloody threads you gonna open? U scared aren't you? Iyaa lajjai. Be a man!

I am not scared.. send me your real name.. or at least your real email address...

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  • Davy locked this topic

I'm away for a few days and everything goes to hell? What's all this?? 

@Ted, first, you seriously need to stop this. If you found a post to be offensive or insulting, use the "report" button and let the admins and moderators take care of it. You don't have to open a million redundant threads.

Secondly, we treat everyone equally, so don't expect members here to worship you just because you are an electrical engineer from Katubedda Campus. Judging people by profession is something that Sri Lanka needs to seriously get over. 

So just stop it. And stop with all the threats. No matter what kind of education you've received, if you get worked up just because some random person online made a snide remark about you, then that's what makes you... you. Think about that for a second. 

Now @fiat fan, you don't have to comment on threads for the fun of it. And insulting members with demeaning posts will not be tolerated. So watch your language and what you say.

Consider this an informal warning to both of you. Any more of this and you will be issued a warning with demerit points. Path to losing forum membership. Pick what you want. 

Other members, admins and moderators rely on you to keep the forum running smoothly. If you notice anything out of line or offensive, please use the "Report" button.

Thread Locked.

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