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Toyota Corolla Axio - Rim Size


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Yes....you just need to make sure that the profile of the tires match accordingly so that the height and the rolling distance of the tire is not drastically affected.

This 160 Series Axio has 17" 7J and 7.5J Watanabe wheels (follow the link to see exact specifications about off-set, etc...)



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Hi Yudish, welcome to the forum. Please refrain from opening multiple threads asking the same question. 

Threads merged.

The simple answer to your question is, yes you can. However you need to be aware of certain things before you change wheel size. 

1. Make sure the overall diameter of the wheel doesn't change. Go to this website and put in your current tyre size, and pick the 17 inch one that is as close as possible to the current tyre's overall diameter. 

2. Due to the thinner sidewall of the 17 inch tyre, you will lose some comfort. This is normal. 

3. Offset of the new rim needs to be same or as close as possible to original, unless you are after some crazy fitment. Different offset wheels will not only put strain on the suspension, and change the scrub radius causing handling issues. If you're not sure what wheel offset is, Google it. 

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If you are talking about a 140 series Axio...then that too is possible. The 140 Series Axio GT TRD Turbo and Fielder GT TRD Turbo came with standard 16" wheels, but it was offered with a 17" wheel option. So 17" will fit a E140 Corolla Axio as well.


Another Axio with Watanabe wheels (follow the link to get specs on off-set etc..)



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To be honest....I thin a 17" wheel on an Axio 140 would be too harsh for road use. The profile will be quite low so there won't be much impact absorption from the tires. Personally I believe a 16" would be a better balance between comfort and lightweights and looks. But if a 17" wheel is what makes you happy and enjoy your car...then so be it.

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