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Headlight Adjustments

Benson Yu

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6 hours ago, Benson Yu said:

I have a Daihatsu G102 year 1992. I wonder how to adjust its headlights up or down and left or right.

There are two adjustment pins to each. Turning clockwise or anticlockwise?


Just curious why you want to adjust? Did you change from seal beams to newer housing? Just asking since I did that to KE72 and love the new light output. Anyway..,

No experience on Charade but even after adjusting headlights on my car last week I forgot which side it lowers or raise. But its nothing to be scared to touch. Just use some tape on the garage wall for reference. When turn 2 or three times the nut you will know which side is up.

So what I did was; I make sure the vehicle is on a level ground using a bubble level (the same thing mason baas uses). Initially I had tape on the wall for the starting point and start turning one side. then I measure the height from ground using a good tape (I used a metal tape not the sewing tape my mom use) and match the other side. Then I did a road test. In my case i realized its was too low. Came back to garage and did the same exercise and did a road test again.

In the past I used Nalaka wheel alignment center at union place to adjust the headlights. They had a tool for that. Looked a glass lens with some measurements. They pointed the arrow on the center dot on the headlight and adjust the levels. I don't know if they do the same now, Its been like 10 years ago I did that.


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