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Rat repellent


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Hi all,

Our car is a Aqua 2015 model. have been having issues with rats. They have come into the AC filter area and also the engine comartment.

Does anybody know of a way to prevent this??

I asked from Toy#ta L#nka. They say they install a wire mesh after removing the entire dashboard which prevents rats coming inside the car. it supposedly costs around 46,000 rupees. 

Has anyone done this?? what are the pros and cons of getting this done. I mean will rust set in if they weld it?? or will the mesh cause any blockages.

I am no expert in cars. If anyone can give me some information I will be very gratefull.

Many thanks.......

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@ajm No I haven't tried the mortein cubes. 

I have tried using  "Kapuru bola" in car cabin. it works somewhat. The rats don't come into the cabin. But they do get into the AC filter.

I have also tried using citronella oil and cinnamon oil soaked cotton wool swabs placed around the engine compartment. Rats do not come there now.

The problem is they get into the AC filter. how to stop that??  

That was why I asked about the mesh.

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Bit of an off topic rant....this is the wonder of us human beings breaking the cycle of life....we have uncontrolably urbanised our environment that it is hard to maintain (i.e. there is garbage everywhere with infestation of rats)..then to add to it...we have driven away animals such as thalagoyas and garadiyas by destroying their habitat. To add insult to injury..we have turned cats in to such cushy arm chair ornaments that cats these days just sit around and stare at the rat in utter and total ego driven boredom.

So my response to your problem is:

1. Clean up the neighborhood and cane those who litter the place

2. Get a street cat

3. Get some pet garadiyas...

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