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Premio 2010 noise on accelerating seems to be in front tire

Mohamed Atheek


Hi guys ! 
I’m having a 2010 Premio g superior watch edition car. There is a noise arise when going speed between 70-80 . And also sounds come from the front wheel it seems. The noise arise most of the time in traveling on expressway. 

what could be the reason ? And also a vibration on parking ! 

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Noises are hard to diagnose or even suggest a reason without actually hearing it. It can be anything from a bad wheel bearing to worn-out or warped brake components grinding. It can even be a pulley in the engine for that matter or even some metal pieces rubbing against each other and only is obvious (loud enough) to hear at high speeds. 

When you say the car vibrates when parking...are you talking about a jerky vibration that shakes the car until you stop the car or just a sudden jerk and then goes to normal ? It could be a bad engine or transmission mount (especially if it is a prolonged vibration) or (if it is a short jerk vibration) it can still be a mount or even the transmission itself going bad or it can be the usual CVT jerk, just more obvious now as it has gotten old. If it is an engine/transmission mount, don't be surprised if it is worn out so badly that it is taking the entire engine vibrate and make the above sound you are talking about.

Since you say it is a G Superior then it is a 3ZR 2.0L engine? This makes a difference because things like engine mounts are different which makes some easier to find (at least Malaysian reproductions) than others. (FYI: Actual G "Superior Package" came only in that. The highest trim levels of the 1.5L and 1.8L were offered with a dealer package with what was called the Superior package way back in 2009 for a very short time (a few might have made it to SL at the very beginning, I know of at least one). That had some cosmetic upgrades off of the 2.0L G trim. Sadly most of the "G Superior"s in SL were put together locally.) 

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