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Toyota Humvee


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and toyota had the globes to bring it to SEMA!! It would sell better if they didnt make it look so much like a chinese hummer. could have gone with some design hints from within its own FJ pedigree.

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check out Toyota's answer to the HUMVEE!

....if ur thinking its a Land Cruiser Amazon, guess again!

say hello to the MEGA CRUISER !! :huh:

& no it isnt a joke - its been around a fair while now...not many in private use lu but..


Actually bro, this thing was first shown as a concept in the early 90's...... 92 or 94 i'm not sure.... so it's fairly long in the tooth......

Pretty umm..... well...... Grotesque don't ya think? I'm a COMMITTED toyota off-road enthusiast, but this thing is just Too OTT......

Makes Range Rovers Look like Sensible buys eh? IMHO thats a job best left to hummer..... :(

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Makes Range Rovers Look like Sensible buys eh? IMHO thats a job best left to hummer..... :huh:

We looks aside...if this is as hardly and reliable as the Land Cruiser HJ 75 (Troopie that our police use) with a little bit more off road capability, looks wont be a problem for the Aid Groups/ NGOs and Govt Orgs.

Besides..Imagine the thing in black with all the full option trimmings and it should look quite butch.

I guess its not in wide private use due its high cost and the fact that the Land Cruiser series DOES THE JOB in most instances.

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yeah i'd also like to see a pimped Megacruiser...bit it looks a tad more distinguished from e side on in black :D


but toyota is going 'old school' with the new FJ cruiser - too bad its US only :lol:


whoa check this demo!

MEga CRuiser has proper 4 wheel Steering!!! :P NICE :D


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