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Is it worth buying a car over 200,000 km on the clock?

Nafeel noordeen


Hey guys, 

I'm looking to buy a used Kia sorento 2011 (1-12 F/O, petrol, triptronic)

The exterior looks good and the car has driven around 210,000 km on the odo. Its a single owner but company owned car which means multiple people may have driven it.

The seller is claiming he has all the service records which was done by the kia company. 

My concern is in a few months or years down the line will the vehicle be showing any problems or arising major repairs, will there be any life left after its been driven over 200,000Km?

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Well....look at it this way....most of the cars that are for sale in SL have done as much as 200,000 or many times more although they all show mileages less than 75,000. You have the luxury of knowing that the car has actually done more than 200,000.

To be honest...200,000 is not that high a mileage for a properly maintained car.

Parts wear and tear and at 200,000km there are certain pre-emptive maintenance work that should have happened until now and ones that you will have to do under your ownership. As long as all this maintenance work has been done properly (using proper parts) and regular servicing done, then the car will keep running. If substandard parts have been used or short-cuts have been taken then obviously the car will give issues as you keep using it. If any of these maintenance work has not been done then you will have to do the past work yourself (pretty much do a restoration) and the cost of that should be reflected in the vehicle's depreciation.

Apart from that, if the car has been used harshly then the body and interior components can potentially show its age and look worn out.

So whether it is worth buying it or not depends on the price and the condition of the car and what other options are out there. Remember....a 200,000km Sorento with a proper service history and in decent condition might actually be better than a Sorento with 50,000km with no service history but looks extremely shiny.

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