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Toyota Premio 2015 Vs 2017 buying guide


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Dear Colleague

I'm in middle East and planing to buy a Premio 2015 or 2017 face lift. Since in Middle East we do not get premios. Need your valuable ideas to finalize it. 

1. 2017 with more Tech, doubt if it will be expensive to maintain. 

2. Interior wise 2015 looks good. Does light colour will be more difficult to maintain in SL conditions?

3. Any other options to be considered apart from Premios. Considered,  Car will not be used regularly (so avoiding Hybrids) 

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The Premio (even in 2019/2020) is an old car as it is based on a platform from 2004. In fact it was so out of date that the car barely had any sales since 2012ish in Japan. Only a few taxi companies and old people seem to have bought it (even then mostly the 1800 and 2000cc variants). It had a reputation for being an old fashioned car mostly sold for export to Asian and African countries.

Having said that....in all honesty....it probably is the best car for someone in your situation. It is comfortable in a very 90s sort of way (soft pudgy ride, etc...). It is not the most exciting thing to drive..especially the 1500cc variant as it is under powered. But it is simple enough that even a monkey can take care of it...has creature comforts to get you from A to B in moderate comfort. Although it will have safety features stuck on it due to Japanese regulations, all of the tech does not work together too well compared to the same system in more modern Toyota models from the same period.

Only hitch I beleive is finding a decent car for a reasonable price. People beleive the car is made out of gold and have unrealistic expectations on price. Also...these cars were owned by people who wanted a cheap to run car but retain value. So most of them have not been taken care of that well.

Alternatives....honestly..none. Mazda 6/Atenza, 3, Lancer EX, etc...are nicer cars but they have a much more engaging drive and ride. Same with some of the creature comforts...being old fashioned, the materials used for upholstery, etc...in the Premio are old fashioned. So some people will find the more modern and duarable materials in the other cars a bit primitive. Also, the Lancers and Mazda 6s we have in SL are export models and they do lack certain things that were common in models available for Japanese market vehicles like the Premio.

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There are only few differences in Premio 2017 from 2015

Toyota safety sence C

Front and rear lamps ( front lamps are totally new design but rear lamps are same in shape with different LED pattern)

Front grill

Rear parking sensors 

All the others are same




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