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Montero 2001-2003 3.5 GDI



Looking to buy a short wheel base Montero, 2001 upwards. Saw one which is 2003, 3.5 GDI. 

1. Are there issues with the engine? Is the V6 or the diesel more favourable? 

2. A friend who has a 2001 3L V6 says not to touch GDI. Also that short wheel base has a poor market. 

3. The vehicle has 160,000 km, and 11 previous owners. 18 on the book including leasing companies. 

4. What's a reasonable price for this vehicle? 


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1. The diesel has a lot more low end torque so if you plan to do off-roading or towing..the diesel is preferred. The V6 petrol is quick. So if you plan to just drive around on roads with some moderate offroading then the V6 will be better as it is more refined. The v6 is a thirsty engine though.

2. True but not true....GDIs got a bad reputation because it couldn't handle poor quality fuel in our country.  Back in the day the much poorer petrol quality led to issues with injectors. Location of filters and the injectors them selves made it a costly repair to sort it out. In most cases it was never sorted out properly so there are a lot of GDI variants that simply suck. Now a days a lot of the new cars are direct injection and fuel quality...well sometimes better that what it was. So...if you get a GDI variant that has been properly sorted out with no issues with the fuel system, then it will be a bit easier to take care of the injectors, etc...with more and better injector cleaning facilities, etc.available.

So...if you come across a poorly maintained or fixed GDI...run away. If you come across a really good car..,then don't runaway as there are ways to maintain it (but if you do not want to be strict with maintenance, etc...don't bother with it).

Yes..the 5 door wagon is preferred by most people because they buy it as a family vehicle and to show off. Also, depending on the type of offroading an enthusiast might do, a longer wheel base might be preferred. There is nothing wrong with a 3 door. It is just that the number of people who lust over it will be less. But low market desirability means you will also be able to buy it at a more reasonable price.

4. In SL do not trust the odo-meter. Strictly go with the condition of the car and get it professionally inspected. Either way, make sure that the fuel system is properly working and have been serviced. Also, make sure that the Super Select 4WD system is functioning properly.


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