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Dear AL Community,

Got to know that a rusty non-running J24 was for sale. Went there with a carrier and took it home.

  • 1978 Mitsubishi 4DR5 J24
  • Rusty body (specially the passenger compartment), Chassis seems to be okay.
  • Engine runs, issues in gear box.
  • There's no such thing as brakes.
  • 4 x 4 done vehicle with provision for mechanical winch.
  • No canopy, but 2 door and the rear door seems fine.
  • Got 4 alloys wheels.

So I'm thinking of converting this machine to Automatic Transmission.
(I know this is not a popular thought - but I'm ready to take the risk)

  1. Any suggestions on possible auto gearbox combinations? Engine is a 4DR5.
  2. If engine + auto gearbox combo needs to be replaced, what are my options?

(We have a J44 with 4x4, Mechanical winch - My father's daily driver. I love to drive a 4DR5, but I'm not skilled or patient enough to drive a Manual in Colombo city where I have to drive on a daily basis.)

Thank you all in advance,

#4DR5 #Conversion #Manual_to_Auto #Automatic #4x4 #J24 #short_wheel #Mitsubishi

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Okay....so swapping the transmission of a 4x4, especially an old one, is not that simple. You need to consider the transfer case and how the drive train works from there onwards. So if you were to find a different model with a 4DR5 engine with an automatic transmission, it doesn't necessarily mean it will be usable.

Now... Is this even possible ? I am not a Mitsubishi guy...but it could be a similar case as the J40 LC where there simply is no stock AT option and the most sensible way forward is to get the engine and drive train of a newer Toyota vehicle (if in the states this would be something like a Chevy engine).

Do you know if you can swap everything out of a 1st gen Pajero or something and put it in the Jeep? Is that a thing among the Mitsu Jeep crowd ?

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