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Cracked Buffer And A Dent


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Dear all

Please, let me know a good place where I can get a cracked buffer and a dent repaired to its original state. I have a another problem, is it possible to replace taillight plastic cover without replacing the whole thing.


<a  href=19022011227.th.jpg' alt='19022011227.th.jpg]'> Uploaded with ImageShack.us[/img]

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Tail lights: The entire assembly needs to be replaced.

Buffer: Any decent fiberglass place can repair it for you

Dent: Is it on the sheet metal and is there a crease in it? for slight dents there is a little trick. Heat up the area and put some ice on it right away. Works only on small dents without a crease though. If not you can get it repaired by any decent painter. Just make sure he pops the dent out instead of completely filling it with catalloy paste.

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Hi Guys,

Sorry to have brought about an old topic, but since it was there though I might as well use the same.

My buffer has been mucked by the painter guys with loads of putty which is now coming off. The bumper has some areas which is cracked and the guys has just bounded it with a wire and blasted putty over it.

Is there a good joint where they do a proper fix (Plastic welding – I think they call it ) and also re do the clips also as few are broken hence the buffer sags a bit.

Basically to get the buffer re done with minimal potty

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"Plastic welding" is that they put a properly shaped metal sheet with lot of fenestrations, behind the cracked area and heat up both plastic part and the metal sheet at the same time and then the metal part is pressed against the plastic.

The melted plastic coming through those fenestrations and minor adjustments being done while they are hot and finally put water.

It is really hard and never crack if it is properly done.

But if you are missing some parts; then better go with a replacement.

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How about fixing a second hand bumper instead?

Hi Cross wind

Yes that would be my first choice but the bumper I have is specific to the Navi Sport edition so would like to keep it although I’m tempted to go for a round fog light bumper I saw :rolleyes: the guy Quoted 23K for it.

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