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How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Cvt Gearbox?



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Since no expert has put up anything, will try to help in a small Way with a contact. There a plc. In Madinnagoda road, called Nilwala Motors who specialize in Gear box ONLY. You can check with them on the prices, repairs, faults – PM if you want the contact.

One advise, make sure you know /check the car with a CVT box, I went through some troublesome times after switching to a simple tiptronic box for the first time in my life. The above guy sorted it and now it’s fab, but still wannna go back to a manual.

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It's a Nissan Primera tp12.I haven't bought it yet.But some of my friends warned about the CVT GB.

And also, if you can please tell me how to check if the gear box is ok and properly maintained.

Thanks :)/>

Am no expert and I can only comment on my scenario:

I had a 2005 Nissan Altima which is pretty much the same car I think. Its a solid performer, tons of space, and I never had any issues with it.

I looked to replacing it with a 2007 Altima which had the CVT gear box in it and like you I wanted to see what the worse case scenario was with that gearbox. When I enquired after the cost for a replacement (straight swap with a new CVT unit) the cost came to about Rs. 200,000 for a new transmission from the dealer. The labour charge was extra, but they said it would be about a four hour labour charge which is not bad at all.

(What I learned from my enquiries was that Nissan made a design change to the CVT transmissions in 2009 as the ones introduced earlier [in 2007] had a tendency to fail prematurely. The newer design is more dependable and generally post 2009 CVT transmissions are considered pretty solid, even when mated with the 3.5 VQ35DE V6 option).

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