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Mist coming from AC


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It's the same that happens when you open a freezer. The colder and dry air comes into contact with the outside (in your case the cabin) air which is warmer and more humid and condensates rapidly in front of the vent. Quite normal if the conditions are right. 

What exactly was done as part of the repair? If your car has a cabin/pollen filter, and if it wasn't replaced/cleaned during the repair, check to see if the filter is dirty. Restricted airflow can cause this.

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Thanks everyone.

Did a compressor change due to the problem in the clutch/ pulley. And done a full clean of the system as a part of the repair.

And there was a problem in the temperature sensor. It was happened to  cut-off around  15 'C.

Technician told me that it should run up to 5 'C before cut-off. So he adjusted it using a resistor to cut-off at 5 'C.

Can this cause too much load for the compressor? Is this temperature is loo low and responsible for the mist? 

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On 10/2/2017 at 9:43 AM, ThushanthaSrimal said:

I get mist from AC vents when driving in high speeds.

In high speeds your condenser is capable to cool down faster because of the wind and good ventilation. If you measure the temperature coming out from the vents, you will see a noticeable difference. Hopefully, your evaporators have been cleaned and filters changed. So they works better now.

By the way what is the vehicle?

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