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fuel tank rust repair


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Is it just surface rust, or has it eaten into the metal? It would be great if you could share a photo or two. 

If it's just surface rust, simply grind it off, seal it and paint over it. Due to the age of the car, I suggest getting the entire tank painted while you're at it. This is a simple DIY. 

If there's a hole, any bodywork shop should be able to fix it for you. Make sure you do a pressure test before getting it back in the car after plugging the hole. 

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What ever you do, no blow torches or naked flames near the petrol tank.- explosion risk.

if the rest of the tank is intact, the affected aria may be patched and sealed with new metal. and the entire thing re painted.

try not to fill-up to max as it's obvious you haven't for decades. ;)


Good luck.


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Wow that fuel tank sure has seen better days. :) 

You're on the right track. Just make sure that you do remove internal rust as well. The last thing you want is to get all debris and rust flowing through the fuel pump or clogging up the filter. After the repair is done, pour in some rust remover and let it sit in there for a few hours. That'll release the rust. You might have to get something that can be diluted in water due to the large volume of the tank. 

Also, I think 7500 is pretty reasonable for what they have offered.

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I bought it from Nikape, Dehiwela Dulux paint shop. It comes in a 500ml bottle. Mixing ratio is 1:2 or 1:3 with water. Apply with brush and leave it on for few minutes. Don't allow it to dry. Then wash off with water. Clear instructions on the bottle.

I actually didn't mix mine. Just applied after wetting the tank. Wanted it to work hard cos I had lot of surface rust to be loosened off as you can see from the pics.

I applied one coat. Then rinsed off. Applied second coat and used a light wet sand paper to further loosen the rust. Then rinsed off again. 

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