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My friend has a 1972 BMW E12 325 sedan. It is in really bad condition and the engine is a toyota engine. It is a rust bucket but I love how the car looks with the classic lines. How much would a car like this cost and is it worth restoring? The engine is a Toyota so that is a relief for now I can swap a BMW engine later. What about shocks springs ? I am guessing no one is selling these parts.   If any one has any experience with this please give me some ideas or talk me out of buying this junk. Thank you  IMG-7405992aa796c215f3b95df6a37daac3-V.thumb.jpg.96fb1003dc001e4c3ecfe16aaae53c5e.jpg






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Its no longer a real BMW,when they put a Toyota engine. There should be more vibration at high speeds,and the pulling power must be really insufficient for a car this big. Your heart will say to buy it,but the brain would say don't(unless you have some contacts in UK,germany who might be able to find a donor car for this).

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This car looks like it has been stationary for a long time.

There is a big rusted out hole below the rear windshield. What this probably means is that rainwater would have accumulated in the trunk (possibly even the passenger compartment) and the floorpan is likely to have rusted out. All rubber parts, including the rubber parts in the Toyota engine (such as belts) would need replacement. Likely, all joints in the suspension system and wheel bearings would need replacement. And then there is the cooling system and braking system which will need to be completely overhauled.

Another problem with long term stationary vehicles is mice and squirrels enter them, and this usually means electricals would be completely messed up too.

All of that is in addition to all the bodywork and cosmetic stuff which needs to be attended to.

So unless there is some sort of sentimental value associated with it, the cost, time and effort required to bring this upto roadworthy condition is not worth it.

My 2 cents is, walk away.

If you like classic large BMWs, get hold of a decent, roadworthy E39 5-series (can be had for less than 3mn) and fix it up.

P.S. The seats and door cards looks to be in surprisingly good condition. How come?


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