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Automatic Gearbox Oil Reducing - Caldina


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      I am from Ja-Ela. My recently bought a Toyota Caldina to actually see what will be the Japenese car experience. Almost most of the things staring from suspensions, injector, wiring, AC, etc it needed repair. I attended to those. There was sudden jerks from the gearbox now. I checked the oil. It was low. I made to the level now. Currently gear is changing smooth. But there is an oil leak from the side pan seals. All over outer area of the pan is oil. Anybody knows anyone who can home visit and do this repair (I do not know whether this is legally allowed)???...?. If legally allowed, pls help. In these curfew hours I can't bring the vehicle outside...???



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Hi , there,

Good show with the jap car . pretty much everything which can go wrong in our operating conditions has gone  bust.with your car,.

might wanna check the cooling system checked for potential headaches in the Colombo heat.


You are good to check the ATF level,   

The pan gasket may be leaking due to it being removed and a bad job of refitting./

before you get help,.. check the fluid level and top up and do any driving,..

get a pan gasket + filter (service kit) for your trans BEFORE removing the existing kit.





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Thanks friends. By the way anybody allowed to do home visit repairs in these curfew hours? I need to do cut and polish also. Recently painted few areas, roof and some portions in the doors. Now time to do cut and polish and waxing. Please help if any technicians home visiting and doing these jobs if they are legally allowed to do home visited works? Private message me.

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On 3/28/2020 at 6:24 PM, tilvin said:

I like the look and dimensions of the car....?.

True @tilvin

Despite preferring the looks of the T-190 generation being partial to that shape having had an AT-192 Carina MYROAD for over a decade i wouldn't mind that ST-210 generation drivetrain with the 3S-GTE




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