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What is this subtle noise?


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I am hearing some kind of abrasion/ friction sound (යමක් ඇතිල්ලෙනවා වගේ සද්දයක් )when cruising. I cant hear it when accelerating because of the engine noise. But when I take the foot off the paddle, I can hear it masked by the road noise from tires.  It has a rhythm where the tempo increases with the vehicle speed. Also it is audible only on comparatively higher speeds only. 

Since we cannot upload audio files here, I am sharing a Google drive folder which contains 3 recordings from my mobile. Please note that it is very subtle and not clearly audible due to background noise. But if you listen carefully you can hear it to the end of all 3 videos. 

Car - Civic 2018
Mileage - 18000 km

A full service was done recently. Also I had to change the left rear tire due to a tire puncture in March where I did the last wheel alignment. Unfortunately I cannot think of the origin of this sound. Probably started hearing it this year after the tire change, but am not sure.  I did not care about it before, but now I am getting a bit paranoid as I have mild OCD. :speechless-smiley-004: 

I am not a motorhead (yet), so your feedback regarding the matter is highly appreciated. Thank you. ?

Edit: Sorry there was a problem accessing the file. Its fixed now. 




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check wheel bearings...simple testing method is... jack up the car and rotate the tires  you might hear kind of friction/grinding sound if the wheel bearing is bad..

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I couldn't pick up any unusual sounds but perhaps it's a brake bind? If your car has been sitting around during lockdown it could be possible. Unlikely the bearings would go at such low mileage. 

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Agree with @TheClutch. Sounds like worn out  wheel bearing(s) or CV joint(s). An inspection will confirm. 

Hard to think bearings would give way on such a low mileage car. So maybe check if one of the CV boots has a tear that's caused all the grease to leak out. 

Also, high pressure water from the server could have gone into the CV boots causing the grease to soften. This happened to me once due to a broken CV boot clamp. 

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