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Hyundai agency


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I own  a Hyundai Tucson which was purchased from Hyundai Lanka. 

I just called Hyundai Lanka who admitted that Abans are the authorised agents. 

Nevertheless Hyundai Lanka claim that they stock adequate spare parts and that they are also servicing all Hyundai vehicles.

Can any owner of Hyundai vehicles kindly let me know if they still go to Hyundai Lanka and if they are happy with the quality of their service.

Abans are located in a far off place in Peliyagoda which is most inconvenient.

Many thanks

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If Abans Automotive is anything like Abans appliance after sales (based on multiple personal experiences with JVC & LG products) i'd be VERY afraid:(


Hyundai Lanka were part of Prestige who held the BMW Agency as well i believe. A little expensive but i don't think anyone ever had any major issues with the quality of work so i'd go with Hyundai Lanka who've been doing this for years now

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I took the Hyundai Tucson for a service at Hyundai Lanka today, and I was not at all impressed with their so called service advisory.  They too said Abans are the new agents and got to know most of the staff have not joined Abans now.   

·         * You cannot go to the vehicle when it’s been services – Something I just can’t fathom – but can understand it sue to safety reason.  

·        * The Service advisor insisted that Tucson does not have a rear windscreen water dispenser, till I showed him the line on the door as it was not working – then says that they  do not have the line in stock.

·         * They claimed to have waxed it but – very sure it was not done as it was a rainy day the water did not seem to drip off which happens even when you use the cheapest of wax on a bad paint work.

·        *  I noticed that there was 10 Liters of engine oil used   ??? Need to  ask them on the same.


I too second the notion Devinda Z has on Abans  -  After all they are in to everything from collecting garbage to luxury apartments  to watches etc – hence a right royal soup. They did some Chinese Auto brand also some time back I recall. 

Sad to see a good vehicle not been represented by a good agency.

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6 hours ago, mazdaspeed said:


·        *  I noticed that there was 10 Liters of engine oil used   ??? Need to  ask them on the same.

lol @ the sneaky buggers! You should have only been charged for one can of oil (4.2L) as the oil capacity is around 4 or 4.2L ! I'd call to complain and request that the service advisor issue a credit towards your next service...?

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