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Toyota rav 4 2008/7


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2 hours ago, danuja said:


I want to know about the toyota rav 4 2007/8. what are the common issues? maintenance? also the second hand market?

I was not a big fan of the 4 speed automatic. The 6 speed automatic on newer Rav4 was good.

No experience with any issues.

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8 hours ago, kmeeg said:

I was not a big fan of the 4 speed automatic. The 6 speed automatic on newer Rav4 was good.

No experience with any issues.

The Automatic only came in the V6 variant which was also the long wheel base version only offered in export markets.In Japan the long wheel base version was the Vanguard. Also, not sure about the US market one but in Japan/Asia it came with a 5 Speed Super ECT automatic transmission(that one I distinctively remember being a bit twitchy on the upper gears...but compared to the CVT was much nicer in the lower gears and kicking off)

Sadly in Sri Lanka..almost all RAV4s (import and export) and Vanguards are 2.4L variants which came with a 7 "step/stage/speed/what-ever you want to call it" CVT.

@danuja the RAV4 you are looking at is the A30 series RAV4....if you are looking at an JDM version 4WD it will be ACA31. If it is a 2WD ver ACA36. If you search the forum you will find plenty of things written about the RAV4. Please do a search as that will give you a good idea of the model and comparison against its competitors. Find below some of the comments I have posted...

In summary...you just have to look out for nasty oil leaks from the rear differential (in AWD models)....and clinkcs and thuds coming from the rear/underneath of the vehicle. For the model...rear diff oil leaks can be common if not taken care of. There naturally will be a slight oil seep because of the way it was designed. If not properly maintained then the oil seep can become an oil leak. So when you touch the entrances of the shaft, it might seem that your finger is slightly wet but dry as well; and making you wonder whether it is leaking or not. You want that sensation !  If when you look and touch it..and it is obvious that it is leaking with a lot of liquid around it and the entire diff gunked up with old oil....then that means the diff has not been taken care of. This would require a diff build with new oil seals (which only good 4x4 techs would do)  or replace the rear diff. Brand new diff costs about 1500USD++ but you can get used ones for much lesser now. So look for nasty oil leaks..drive shaft entrance on the front of the diff and axle entrances on the sides are the culprit areas. Listen for nasty noises.  Then check for weird th

uds (like a hammer hitting the body) coming from the underneath of the car when you suddenly accelerate if it does come...well nothing to worry about...as there is nothing you can do...it is just a thing with the transfer case/transmission which can also be play coming from the drive shaft. That is mostly the things to look out for specifically for the model.

All in all it is quite solid. I have had 3 plus two more on long term use. Apart from the above...as in any old car...look for oil leaks...wierd knowcks and rattles from the enine, etc...suspension.





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