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Corolla 141 Alternator Issue



Hello Everyone

I have a 2007 corolla 141. My service was due next month and I went for the full service today. I did my service from a service station that I have done twice before. Then today afternoon (around 5pm) I went there to take back my car home after they said service is completed. I started my car to reverse and suddenly there was some tightness with my steering wheel. I Restart the car and tried to reverse again . Same tightness appeared in the steering wheel again. Then I complained to the service station people about the issue. They told me to take the car to the 150m away Gurage and they called them I will come. So I drove my vehicle there with very difficulty because steering wheel was very tight and i couldn't drive it smoothly with cross roads.  While I just came to the Gurage location my dash board indicators became blinking and My radio switched off automatically. Just after I drove my car inside the Gurage car automatically stopped and didn't start gain. Then technician came and did a Jump start. I was there when he check the issue and one terminal of my car battery was moving/loose. He did a jump start after tightening it and checked the alternator voltage. It indicated only 7V and he told me it should be 12V. Car battery was not charging by the alternator. He told me he will have to check the alternator tomorrow morning as all these incidents were happened and it was 7pm. He gave me indication that it may be alternator has gone  (may be burnt what he meant I think) or may be a diode or something can be and will have to check tomorrow (12th) . 

Please help me out guys

what may be causing this ?

Will I have to replace the alternator, If so how much will it cost ? Is it available in Matara area ?

Will I able to repair this tomorrow because its new year after :(



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Well....if the garage said it is he alernator.

The symptoms you described does sound a lot like an electrical issue (loose battery, a broken cable) that is causing electricity loss. So, it very well could be the alternator.

As for parts availability...I suppose there would be compatible parts even if the direct replacement part is not there, as for availability down South..no idea...but yes...you are pretty much at the mercy of New Year holidays. From what I have heard, a lot of people are taking leave even on Monday for a long new year break. So you never know...

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