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Mazda familia 323 2001 BJ5p Survice manual

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On 9/2/2021 at 2:31 PM, AkGuruge said:

I need Service manual for Mazda 323 bj5p

and I want to know what aft and brake fluid  oil you all used 

engine Oil  - Best stay away form Mobil and fully synthetic Oil . Semi synthetic Or Mineral is best  with Castrol, Shell .

Is the Bj5P a Tiptronic ?  then ATF would be M-V ; but it depends what has been used before  and if it has been looked after - If it's a standard auto, then an normal Gear  oil like D III is ok.

Beak Oil - DOT 3 is ok

Good if you can share some info on the ride also


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7 hours ago, AkGuruge said:

Liqui Molli top Tec 1200 ATF

Mazda ATF M-V's M-V stands for Multi-vehicle. Its a single synthetic ATF made for different types of transmissions each requiring a different type of oil (ATF D2, M3, FZ, etc...). So as long as long as the Liqui Moly is a synthetic ATF..then it will be okay.  What kind of fluid filter does the BJ5 have ? Did you swap it ? clean it ? COnsidering the age of these cars sometimes it might have been better to have just change the mesh all together.

A note about the engine oil recommendations others have made: Always remember...a GOOD mineral (i.e. normal) oil is always better than a cheap synthetic oil. So...do not put a cheap synthetic oil just because we mentioned synthetic oil. Depending on your budget and vehicla usage pattern see what is the better oil for you to use.
In regards to the oil recommendations in Davy's manual photo. That manual is from like the 90s....API SG, SH, SL and SJ are obsolete (SL and SJ still can be found for specific applications) and so are the indicated ILSAC rated oils. So don't go looking for those ratings. What you get now are API SN, SN Plus, SP and after and ILSAC GF-5, GF-5+ and GF-6 (6A, etc...) and after. Don't worry they are backward compatible....so a SP oil will work fine in an engine requiring SG.  Just do not get a SC or a GF-1 like old standard oil and put it in your engine :) <ratings are not forward compatible :) >

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