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Single cab to double cab

satheepan c


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2 hours ago, satheepan c said:

Hi Sir 


I’ve Ford Ranger single can 2011 model . 

I saw this type of vehicle converted to double cab . 

can you do this types of work with more professional look ?



No...the only way you can do it in a way that it will be atleast half decent is if you replace the body. This is possible as the body is bolted on to a metal fram underneath. So you can remove the single cab body and install a double-cab body provided that the wheel base is the same (I think it is ?). From there you will have to do the necessary wiring, etc... But the reality is that it will cost a lot to do a GOOD job. It might cost you as much as selling your single cab and buying a double cab.

Befre the conversion you need ot get a body swap permit from RMV. I am not sure if they still issue those. If they issue it then you can buy a double can body for replacing it. Only hitch is they issue this permit only if the existing body is unusable for some reason, ANDonly to replace the current body with a newer exact type of body (so they might not give you a permit to convert a ingle cab in to double cab). WIthoutsuch permission you won't be able to update the book either. The book needs to be updated because now the number of passengers and weight of the vehicle, etcc on the book have changed.

You can get a makabaas to build a extended cab for you and then cu the exiting body and weld in the body extension that is made up...but doub it iwll look decent at all. Again, you need to get RMV approval before doing the modification. Also, you still need to update the book which may notbe possible

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iRage has put it very clearly.....

Would like to make a kind and humble request ......having a deep respect for Ford......

Please 🙏 don't attempt to give it to a Maka Bass to convert it to a double cab... I've seen some been done and they are utter hideous.....

It would be a shame to cut and mess up such a beautiful machine....... but that just me with a silly request

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What I forgot to mention was....for the cost of doing a conversion...you probably could sell your single cab and buy a double cab. A body swap is going to cost a lot of money...if you do a maka baas job it will cost you a lot of money AND you will lose value of your car so that would cost more than a body swap. 

So in all seriousness...you should look in to selling the single cab and buying a double cab. There is a 2011 double cab for sale on AL classifieds for 8.5 mil. How much is a single cab ? 5mil ? I am pretty sure a good conversion would cost you well over 2.5mil...plus if you buy an actual double cab you won't have to deal with the legal stuff which also costs..and you won't have to incur any loss of value because of a conversion.

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