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CVT oil change for Toyota car

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I have recently done (week back) CVT oil change from the T*y*t* L*n*a, Car is currently mileage at 40000, when I check the Invoice, they only charged for 2.5 l of CVT fluid. I wonder is it correct way of oil change? current understanding is they should full drain the gear oil from the gearbox and refill from the scratch. Need your expert opinions on this? Car is Vitz 2018

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Yeah....it usually is closer to 6L. You should double check with them


EDIT : This is wrong ! For some reason I was thinking of a RAV4 when making the comment. RAV4 with a larger transmission would take more fluid than a Vitz with a smaller transmission.

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9 hours ago, Hyaenidae said:

Even if it's a drain and fill?


Wait ! I just realized my comment made no sense ! 
A RAV4 would definitely take more than what a Vitz does :D I don't know why I was thinking of a RAV4. Anyway..RAV4 total capacity is about 8.75L and a drain and fill took a bit less than 6L.  

No idea what a Vitz would take...checked the instruction manual and the total capacity is 6.23L. SO I would reckon it would average around 3 ? So the 2.5L could probably be ok.

The volume stated in the manual is typically close to a disassemble and refill. You should know that in Toyota's actual service manual the (older) CVT unit is a non-serviceable unit which at 100,000km requires an inspect and change if required and the manual shows to remove the transmission :D. However, Toyota's own vehicle care guide given with new cars say the CVT fluid needs to be changed every 20,000km. Go figure.

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