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certified pre owned vehicles


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A pre owned  used car and is exactly what it is,a used car. Some one hacked it to pieces and got rid of it in good time :)

ok, in this instance it will have a new set of tires and battery.

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1 hour ago, Davy said:

Isn't this another fancy word for what most other car sales are already doing (ie import "pre owned" cars)? 

Not necessarily if it is the manufacturer's agents offering a certified pre-owned vehicle. In other countries and even some agents in SL (like BMW who used to and Merc) offer used cars that have been maintained by them (or a member of the dealership network) thus has a proper verifiable history. In cars that have not been as such (ie. perhaps one that they have from a different manufacturer) they go through an extensive check-list and gives a certification that everything has been fixed/replaced/serviced according to manufacturer's specs. In other countries, this also means that you get a 6-12 month comprehensive warranty as well and also is typically a bit more expensive than the same car in the open market.

NOW...I seriously doubt this is the case with the above....

Way back then Toyota Lanka  (and I believe even A*W) offered pre-used cars from their Japanese counterparts' stocks, i.e. they used to import used cars from Toyota U-Car network in Japan. In Japan the U-Car network vehicles are typically trade-ins and hand-overs by its previous owners; where the vehicle, depending on the car and the market demand for the dealer, would either be sold on their U-Car yard or sent over to Auction.

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This is about A*W.

I called them and the reply was they fix all the running repairs. The price is high. Also comes with a 6 months or 10000km warrenty on engine and gear box. 

I wanted to go and check what details they give us. They are closed today. So conversation is to be continued. I will add details in this thread in case i find out more. I seached the net did not find lot of info, hence thought to open the thread. It might be better to spend a bit more than to be stuck with a hacked vehicle. Also might run without major hickup for 6 to 12 months.

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First of all, really sorry for not keeping my promise 

Secondly Sorry for reviewing an Old thread.

I did go to see the pre-owned certified vehicles of this renowned importer. I got some inside help also. A 2005 Swift (HT51S)

So i do not know whether I am doing something ethical, but when i requested to see the repairs done on the vehicle. I was shown a list of things that was replaced. They have done some major repair in the engine, like replacing the gasket etc. The important thing is the replacing part (or the new part) is not new, it comes from another vehicle, sometimes of the same model sometime forma different model that fits. For example the Swift i checked had parts form Liana. Those were clearly mentioned in the repair list and the repair cost was close to 200k. The price tag they had was 2.5 m + and if the repairs are ok i feel it is worth it. Because in the market the price range is around 2.4 and then we need to do all the fixing.

Also it is a thriving business, as they say if the vehicle is good - I think there is less repairs to be done, a well looked after vehicle - those fly. 

Also they say they check and correct the cooling and electrical system. Also they do repair the suspension. When asked about the parts, why have used old used parts, I did not get a reply. 

But they do not do any correction on the body or the interior. Those problems are there to be seen.

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I went to A*W pre owned car sale in Nugegoda two weeks ago to see an Alto LXI for business use they had a few cars and here are the things I observed apart from the 6 months Engine ,Gearbox warranty and roadside assistance

i) the price is much higher than private sale cars in same condition

ii) One car had visible damage in front fender and I asked if they will repair and give for whic they said they can try to cut and polish that area but cannot repaint it as its expensive ! (now thats shoddy service as A*W has all facilities for such repairs and should not sell cars with damages

iii)prices were NON Negotiable even for outright cash purchases

iv) They wanted Rs 5k for transfer process etc

Eventually we got a privately owned Alto for a much lower price

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