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Joke of the Year (a.k.a the X-Class)


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Get a Indonesian-made car, paste a Toyota badge and sell it as a Toyota - that's something you would expect.

Design a car, get it 100% made in China, get some badges and stuff pasted in Malaysia and sell it as a European car - that's something you would expect from Peugeot

Get Proton Gen 2, ship it to China with a Lotus badge and call it an actual Lotus - you would expect that from the Malaysians

Get the design from Nissan. Get the parts from Nissan. Change minor stuff like the A/C vents, put it together and sell it as a.... guess what... MERCEDES... I wonder how many would have seen that one coming :)

... oh and then they claim... Nicht Nicht... das ist eine real Mercedes!



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38 minutes ago, Nishan.dj said:

Too many jokes around to laugh but there are who takes these serious and be proud by owning one. Rather, stick to the older merc that runs on almost row diesel. 

True... i'm pretty sure there will be one or two of our permit goiyas who will have an orgasm seeing this one...

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