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Mazda Demio AC Compressor Noise


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4 hours ago, MazdaJay said:

I drive a Mazda Demio 2007 model and it gives a rattling noise when I turn on the AC. Is it a big issue or where can I get it fixed.

I am fairly new to Mazda and your opinions on this are really valuable. 

Rattling sound from the AC Compressor or from the  engine?

If it is from the AC Compressor ,get the AC System/Compressor serviced.

The Scroll (non piston) types Compressors used in Mazdas exhibit some form of noise if not correctly maintained/serviced at stipulated intervals.



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It's probably a worn out bearing in the compressor clutch mechanism. Get it checked out by a good AC technician to confirm. If that is the issue, you should be able to get it repaired fairly easily.

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As Davy mentioned, wear and tear.

It may be a big issue when it fails. the noises may be due to wear and lack of lubrication .Is the A/c system cooling adequately?

you might try topping up some refrigerant with oil and get some time and money for  a replacement compressor.

and just make sure all cooling fans are working with the A/C and hose the condenser for good measure as it'll keep system pressures normal and cooling efficiency high.





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4 hours ago, MazdaJay said:

Thanks you guys for the advices. The noise is coming from the compressor and not from the engine. Would you recommend a good place to get the compressor checked? 

This is a place that has received a few recommendations in the forum.



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