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toyota vitz rivers camera


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2 hours ago, kasdesilva said:

i hope to buy vitz and checked several.

in one vitz, rivers camera display is not working. owner said it happend after using high pressure gun.

is it possible? how much cost to fix it?

Hi there kasdesilva: 

Is the reverse camera on the Vitz a factory fitted option? If so, it is likely that the camera is weather sealed and a high pressure water stream should not affect it. Its likely the seller not being honest with you.

Either way, assume the reverse camera is broken.

I would drive the car along Toyota Lanka or to any popular stereo / sound system installer and ask them for a quote to install a new reverse view camera; and then use this quote to get a discount from the seller as its likely the camera cannot be fixed but will have to be replaced.

All the best with your purchase. 

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It could happen if the unit is an aftermarket one. Some dealers offer DVD/reverse cam units in a way that head unit is brand new but the camera is reconditioned (used in Japan or somewhere). For a brand new camera they quote additional 10K or so. I think seller has fitted something like that. If the unit is a factory fitted one then this may not be the case.

One of my friends had his reverse cam busted after driving in rain within months of installation.

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9 hours ago, kasdesilva said:

Thanks for both of you. Accually its not only reverse camera. Display is not working.

Hi kasdesilva,

Though high pressure washing effect to the camera, it can not effect to the display unit. Is it only a display for reverse camera ? I don`t think so. Then other functions in the display unit should work. But fixing cam/display unit is not a big thing. If the car is in good condition (except this), bargain for cam+display and go for it.

Good luck !!!

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