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Buy Allion 260 2011 models.


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Hi guys.

Im going to buy Toyota Allion 2011 model.Total millage is around 110k genuine millage because all the records available with owner.It is first owner permit imported car without multi-function. Price around 4.9 million.My only concern is the millage. Appreciate if can you share your suggestion.

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Why does the mileage scare you ? Be grateful that you found a car with an honest mileage on it.

Just make sure that the proper preemptive and routine maintenance has been done thus far. Then be ready to do some pre-emptive maintenance yourself as soon as you get it (both "mileage" scheduled services as "recommended by manufacturer" as well as anything that would need to be done which might have been overlooked before or not up to par). Also, certain things might need to be replaced as soon as you get it like shocks, brake pads, etc...A high mileage car is nothing ot be scared about as along as it has been taken care of (and continues to be taken care of)

 Either way, go get it checked out at the agents or a third party car checking place so you would get a better understanding of what would need to be done. 

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CVTs have been some what problematic in Sri Lanka (at least by reputation) it seems. I know of Allions and Axios that have 200k++ without CVT issues in Japan. Also, it seems to be across the board..not just Allions or Toyotas. Toyotas get most of the flack because of the shear numbers and the majority of the people who buy them.

With cars like the Allion and Axio the biggest problem are the people who buy them. Most of them don't care a rat's @$$ about proper maintenance and resort to the cheapest path. I am not saying that these CVTs are bullet proof but they are not as temperamental as people make them out to be.

Also, even if the CVT does give problems it is not the end of the world. They have been around long enough that minor repairs can be done and if not  you can always change the CVT unit (you get brand new ones, used ones and in between I have seen rebuilt ones from Japan).

Just get it properly checked out....negotiate a decent price so that you can save some money for fixing the little niggles...attend to things you know are wrong..do your preemptive maintance stuff as well...and enjoy the car !

Seriously dude ! In Sri Lanka people miss a large part of buying a new car...which is enjoying the car ! 


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If you are buying an allion/axio etc, make sure:

1. Mileage on the odometer is about 1000km x Number of years since its manufacture (ie. if its a 7-year old car, the mileage should be 7000 km)

2. It must have multifunction, wanker mirrors. Don't buy without those.

3. It must be a first owner on the book, but its essential that the guy who sells it should not be the registered owner. There must be a signatures on the MTA-6 form, without any dates

4. It should be nicely polished

5. If its a Premio. G-Superior badge and a gold badge on the shell is a must. If its an axio, G-grade is a must

6. It should be 'company maintained' with absolutely no service records

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