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Recommendation for a vehicle


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27 minutes ago, sathyajithj99 said:

If you expect good fuel economy from a SUV,  better to buy a hybrid one.

Toyota Harrier hybrid  (used)

Toyota RAV4 hybrid offered by TL

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 

Yup, what he mentioned☝

Compare them, and whichever suits your character & likings the best, go for them. The outlander/harriers are now 3-4 years old so most of the depreciation has gone away so it's a worthy purchase. And you can save almost 40-50% of your budget too for other purposes!

If you prefer something newer & economical, the eclipse cross is also a good choice & is sportier compared to the above SUVs. There's a review in the 'blog entries' section too. The new Suzuki Vitara is also good and there's a review of that too here!

I wonder what happened to the new Nissan crossovers (Qashqai, Kicks, Xtrail)..heard the Q11 qashqai had gearbox issues.

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SUV and fuel economy do not go well hand in hand. Hybrid "SUVs", which are actually crossovers will do quite decently on fuel but not like an Axio or an Aqua or a Fit....obviously he smaller crossovers will do better on fuel than the larger ones (so fuel economy is inversely proportional to size). 

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SUVs are not the most fuel efficient vehicles out there so don't expect fuel figures similar to what your Axio gives you at present.

But, when it comes to long distance trips they would return some decent gas mileage.

For your budget you would be able to go for Honda CRV, Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, Peugeot 3008/5008, BMW X1, Audi Q3 etc etc as brand new options. Just check on the prices of the Honda CRV hybrid if fuel efficiency is a top priority for you. So far I have not seen it yet here in SL but, you would be able to direct import one and the RAV4 hybrid is too expensive because of our tax strucutre. You would be able to get hold of a CHR hybrid but not sure if it is worthwhile spending such a large amount of money on a CUV like the CHR purely because of fuel efficiency.

But, when it comes to used vehicles you'll have a host of options like Toyota Prados, Land-cruisers, Mitsubishi Moteros, Outlanders etc. 

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You can get something more rugged; like the Toyota Prado. Go for the range topping TZ-G variant, as they give you far more options plus, justification for the price you pay. AFAIK the most of the TZ-G are gasoline variants. The TX only gives you the options of a 2007 Axio G grade.

The there is the Harrier hybrid. A good one can be grabbed well below your budget and save some more for the battery if you really prefer a hybrid. The interior is miles better in the Harrier than the Prado(Prado aims towards being a robust vehicle). I myself would go with the Harrier if I need an SUV.

Or else, you can buy something like a new E class from Merc and simply make a statement for yourself. That’s where my money would go, if a SUV is not a must.

Best thing is, get a mint E class W212 from 2013-2016 era and then get something like a RAV4 for your weekend getaway?.

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