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Help to select Best SUV/Crossover for me


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I'm newbie to the forum and need experts opinions on select my vehicle. 

I used vios 2005 and sold it for upgrade.

Like to go for a SUV with max. Budget 8M.

I did some homework on following SUV s,  but couldn't conclude.

Toyota rush


X trail


I want to know which will be most effective in maintainces, fuel economy and any cons.



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If you are talking about the NEW Rush...just don't its not a SUV...its a MPV crossover now and it just feels like a minivan :) It looks like a minivan and it drives like a minivan. Refinement wise..it is not too good nor not too bad...its okay for an entry level MPV.

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I am guessing the X trail you can get for your budget is the Hybrid ? T32 series ? If so..that car has had serious gearbox failures in Sri Lanka which costs quite a lot to fix locally.

So that leaves the Eclipse Cross and the Qashqai. I believe we have those who own the Eclipse cross here (if they still log on).I will leave it up to them to tell you how the car is.

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Thanks for replies.

Thought on

CRV 2017 Used for  8M or brandnew Mitsubishi expander cross for 8.5 M.

Please help me to chose better option.

Xtrail - Gear box issue.

Rush as like mini van and less energy for 7 seater.

Ecclipse - costy,  

Then dicide follows.

Mitsubishi expander cross> second hand crv > second hand eclipse > second hand outlandar > 



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Again..the Expander (entire lineup) is the Mitsubishi equivalent of the Rush. It is a MPV and then a MPV cross. It too feels and handles like a minivan. Also..the Expander interior is quite cheap looking as it is a entry level vehicle for the most basic of markets. It is one of the cheapest vehicles in the segment (it becomes expensive in SL because of the tax structure).

You are better off with a CRV...if it as my money and the options were what you have listed...I would go for the CRV. The Expander would be last on my list

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Same thing...CRV would be a better choice...more car...much nicer to drive...fuel economy wise they both would be within the same ball park (the CRV a little bit less maybe because of the slightly heavier body). 

Fuel economy mostly would depend on the specification of the car (engine type, AWD?2WD?) your driving style, conditions you drive under and how well you take care of the car. The fuel efficiency difference between the CRV and the Cross will not be that much....it is so small that you would get a better saving by losing weight inside your car (i.e. go on a diet and be in good health) Go and buy the car that APPEALS to YOU ! Go for a few test drives. If you like the Cross..buy the CROSS...if you like the CRV buy the CRV !!!

Sitting in front of a computer screen changing your mind every few hours is not going to help. Just go drive a few !

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