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This is how they make "Super Profits" ?


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Yeah...many car sales seem to have gone on to buying used vehicles in the country. To be fair....the car sale keeping a profit margin is acceptable IF ANY VALUE ADDITION HAS been created through services. But our guys would jump off skyscrapers before doing that :)

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Not a new incident...


That has happened to me 2 times.. they buy it saying various stories.... including " සල්ලි අමාරුයි, ණයවෙලා ගන්නේ, කලින් වාහනෙන් ගොඩාක් පාඩු උනා, පූසි පැටව් දාලා.. .".and all the excuses.. so I just sell... but within 2 weeks I see their ad at higher price.. saying home used car... bla bla...


Now I sell my vehicles only after transferring... the following day I send the MT 6 to RMV ... then none of the fellows comes.. and I put that part in my ad too... will not be selling "open papers "

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Vehicel market is kind of a funny thing. Market has now become a sellers market which has changed from the buyers market which was there before COVID.


You got to understand one thing, government cannot dictate terms to retailers. They can bring in strict measures if it falls under essential items like food and shelter. Since vehicles is not an essential item, the buyer can refuse to buy and keep using what he/she has. Of course there will be so many other options available in the market which the buyer has access to. That is how you can bring down those idiotic sellers back to earth. Its a simple supply demand theory in economics. The more people have demand higher the price, less demand lesser the price.

On imports the story will be slightly different as the duty and taxes govern the price of a vehicle, here again less demand would mean that some particular models will not be imported anymore.

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Well...this is what an open market system is isn't it ? This is what we as a human race wanted fueled by capitalism and now we cannot complain about it.

This is like demanding for chocolate..eating copious amounts of it and then complaining about it when you get a tummy ache and wanting to sue the chocolate companies and cocoa plantations :D 


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21 hours ago, fiat fan said:

I’m speechless!


Not a bad price for what you get in return: Unlimited parking options, zero hassle by the cops, and a special V. I. P lane for you in traffic - if there isn't one, you get to create your own at will by driving towards on-coming traffic...

(And before I get ripped apart by anyone: I'm kidding. Drive responsiby if you have a RR , err...well, come to think of it: If you have any vehicle really...) ?

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