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Rs. 500 for an engine scan?


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Well...what do you think he should have charged you ? For me ...500LKR seems quite reasonable for the person's time and use of his tools. C'mon...you can barely have a decent koththu and a milk tea for that price these days. Alternative would have been to either buy a scan tool and do it myself or go to a another garage (which might not be any much cheaper..plus cost me more in time).

Did he provide you a a product or a service ? Did he have to apply his knowledge or use any of his resources (tools, time, etc..) to provide you this service ? Did he provide you a report f what was discovered ? Would he have been in a position to tell you wat the error codes meant if there were any (not having any error codes is not his fault and no reflection of his lack of skill) ?In which case he can charge you his standard service rates (which he should have notified you before he provided you the good/service). Whether he comps the service or gives you a discount is totally up to him.

If you are uncomfortable with this price..call up a few garages and ask how much they charge and see which one will suit your budget...

EDIT : On the other hand...if a scan is only 500LKR, please make sure that the guy knows what he is doing and he is not just scamming money out of you. The 500LKR seems to be a very low figure.

Sorry, it peeves me that there are people who are not willing to pay people for their time...this applies to motor mechanics, computer techs, photographers, etc...even if these people are qualified professionals. Remember....when a professional charges you...he does not necessarily charge you just for her/his time but also his/her skills acquired through years of experience and education. People will never question a doctor who charges 1500++ LKR just to put a stethoscope on you for 20 seconds and give a generic blank smile and prescribe asprin in a fancy name.

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Both Gummybr & iRage has explained it in a very subtle  an civilized way .

Is 500/- a issue for you  to even post it in a forum ?  If so please use public transport .

The time, experience and the too cost has to be factored in, if that notion  does not hit the upstairs - then there is a logic issue I feel.  What do do you do as a profession ?   Why not look at it in the same way 



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12 hours ago, Sohan69 said:

Is it fair that the motor mechanic charges you Rs.500 or more for an engine scan?

Yes. It's a very fair price - if you haven't noticed this is 2021 🙂

2 hours ago, iRage said:

Sorry, it peeves me that there are people who are not willing to pay people for their time...this applies to motor mechanics, computer techs, photographers, etc

Yeah that's a sad reality of how our people think the thinking goes like:

* He already has a camera so he can take a few photos of my event for free i'll just give him a milo packet

* He already has a scanner - just has to plug it in. Why charge such an amount for just plugging it in. 

* He's a second year Computer Science student : he can surely fix my printer.

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This persons funny question about for a person who had done to a Engine scan.

I think he is not living in Sri Lanka he may be a person who had landed from a another planet.

Because Rs, 500/= no one can do any repair on a motor vehicle today.

When I stared work in 1964 in my late father,s work shop he paid me Rs, 10/00 for a month after feeding me.

Our skilled mechanic was drawing Rs,2.50/= for a day.

Today I pay Rs, 3500/= for skilled chap, helper is paid Rs, 2000/=today.

Two senior AL members on two early posts had explained well, without discouraging him, to post more amusing questions about automobiles.

If he understand reply posts posted to the forum after his funny question, then he should think before he write a post to this forum or any other public forum.

Sylvester Wijesinghe.


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